The beginning of a great looking property starts with a great design. We will work with you to produce a design that fits your outdoor lifestyle now and into the future. We can add features such as retaining walls, patios, outdoor fireplaces, walkways, kitchens, and so much more. Whether you need to refurbish your existing property or for new construction, our designs will include the highest quality materials available on the market. With our skilled workmanship and attention to detail, we will build you a tranquil abode that is guaranteed to last.

  • Design and build retaining walls, patios, outdoor fireplaces, walkways next to your waterfront, and resurface docks with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
  • Create customized designs using 3D Occulus Quest to visualize the beach landscape before it is constructed.
  • Offer a full range of services for both refurbishing existing waterfront properties and new waterfront construction.
  • Utilize expert design experience to ensure maximum enjoyment and function at your waterfront


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Using the latest advances in 3D computer design technology and 3D Occulus Quest equipment, we prepare retaining wall designs that allow you to envision yourself in the outdoor space before it is created. We work closely with you to make changes to your landscape design until it is just right for your needs.

Key Benefits of Using Rock and Stone in The Design

We understand your requirements for an outdoor space that is both inviting and practical. The experts at Kalagan Outdoor Design carefully design the rockwork that will:

  • Extend your home’s beauty
  • Add to your property value
  • Add aesthetic beauty that improves with age
  • Natural materials that blend together around patios, pools, lawns, and gardens

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Retaining Walls & Block Work

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Kalagan Outdoor Design steps up before completion

Retaining Walls Prevent Soil Erosion

Retaining block walls are a great option to add majesty to any property. They also work effectively to prevent water erosion, protect soil and expand usable land on steep slopes (terracing). They are aesthetically pleasing and provide a safety barrier should your home be in a region affected by mudslides. Block walls can also be used to shore up valuable waterfront land from wave action. We build also dry rock walls to accent pathways and gardens.  Other options include stone-faced rock walls that create an attractive landscape addition while increasing the stability of slopes.

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Water Features

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Turn Your Back Yard into a Relaxing Oasis with a Water Feature

One of the best ways to add to a view of the Okanagan Valley’s natural beauty is by adding a water feature to your back yard. With pondless waterfalls, there are endless options when it comes to creating a unique outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

No matter the range of activities you’re looking for, we can build you water features that fit your needs perfectly. We will turn your backyard into an oasis that’s both beautiful and relaxing—the perfect spot for unwinding after a long day. If you’re interested in learning more about these options or would like help designing your own personal oasis, call us today.

We look forward helping you create something truly special.

Low Maintenance, Safe, & Self Contained

For those who want the sound of running water without worrying about maintenance or safety issues, a pondless waterfall is the perfect solution. These features are designed to be self-contained so that no standing water is present; instead, a basin at the bottom collects the runoff from the waterfall while also providing oxygenation. They are easy to maintain, making them ideal for homeowners who have limited time or resources.

We will bring movement and sound into your backyard oasis without having to worry about maintenance costs or safety concerns. Bubbling rocks can be added that feature an underground reservoir which pumps air through a pipe installed in the rock, creating a bubbling effect on top of the surface.

Pondless Waterfalls

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