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Landscape lighting can provide security, safety, and beauty. It is a very important aspect in all of our beautiful designs. Landscape lighting is perfect for our long Okanagan summer evenings out in the garden, walkways, patios, along driveways, and anywhere a homeowner wants to add light. Kalagan Outdoor Design also does custom holiday lighting for winter illumination. 

We offer design, install, and maintenance packages for your outdoor lighting. We offer affordable solutions and options for all budgets. Our lighting installations are done by experienced and qualified electricians and technicians. We have over twenty years of experience, so we can provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers. We thrive on making your home safe, functional, and beautiful. 


  • WiFI Controlled Timers
  • Low Voltage Lighting Installations
  • LED Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Waterproof Lights
  • Commercial quality grade lighting
  • We Help You Select from Thousands of Products
  • Holiday Lights – We take them down when you are ready (storage of lights included)

We recommend the exterior lighting systems from Kichler for all our residential and commercial projects. Our lighting designers will create a lighting design that will illuminate your property, and work seamlessly to showcase your new landscaping design.

Landscape Lighting Services

Kalagan Outdoor Design single light
Kalagan Outdoor Design plant dividing wall

Kalagan Outdoor Design Lighting Services

  • Lighting Designs
  • Installation
  • Underwater and Fountain Lighting
  • Bulb Changing
  • Replacement
  • Repairs
  • Down Lighting
  • Fixture Cleaning

Lighting Maintenance Services Are Just a Phone Call Away

If you are returning to a vacation home, you need to be sure your lighting is working 100%. Our maintenance program includes replacing halogen bulbs, trimming any shrubs or plants that have grown over the fixtures, or moving fixtures to allow for plants to grow and flourish. We offer several maintenance programs for all our lighting customers.

Maintenance & Service

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Outdoor Lighting Enhances Entertainment

Outdoor lighting enhances all nighttime entertainment. The lighting will provide for a romantic evening for two, or an inviting environment for family and friends. Outdoor lighting accentuates and complements any patio, pool or deck, and is affordable. Kalagan Outdoor Design’s designers aim to highlight the features in your outdoor living environment with the right lighting, balancing indoor lights with the outdoors.

Adding Curb Appeal Through Lighting

Exterior landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your home or business and add curb appeal. Exterior lighting can be placed under trees, along paths, and among plants, to accentuate your home and business. We believe outdoor lighting will increase the value of your property.

Lighting Enhances Your Property Security

Being safe and secure at your home is important. The walk from your vehicle to your door should be lit up and safe. Landscape lighting will create a safe pathway for you, your family, friends, and any guests that come to your home. It can also reduce the risk of theft. When a home has the proper lighting, it may lower your home insurance rates. Outdoor lighting is perfect for a vacation home or when you travel.

Residential & Commercial Holiday Lighting

colorful led holiday light installation

We take the headache out of your holiday light installation!

It’s our goal to make your vision come to life. Our installers are experienced and insured. From roofs to trees to shrubs we will help you design the perfect light display for your budget. We professionally install your lights, timers and displays while you enjoy the holidays and events. We provide all of your lighting – from the lights to the extension cords and timers, to storage.

If you have a business and need professional lighting for impact during the holiday season, give us a call. We can light lamp posts, trees, buildings, etc. We do it professionally and relieve you of the frustration and time associated with doing your own light hanging.

Our holiday decorating services are great for everything from large size properties to smaller homes. We can help provide lighting suggestions and ideas using the latest lighting technology and energy efficient methods for you to enjoy your holidays. No more need to climb dangerous ladders and take time from doing other things you enjoy more!

Request a Design

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  • Kalagan Outdoor Design provides experienced and qualified electricians and technicians for outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance.
  • Our maintenance program includes replacing halogen bulbs, trimming plants, and moving fixtures to allow for plant growth.
  • Outdoor lighting enhances nighttime entertainment and accentuates any patio, pool or deck in an affordable way.
  • Exterior landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your home and adds curb appeal by accentuating walkways, driveways, rock walls, trees, and plants.
  • Security is increased with outdoor lighting providing safety from vehicle to door as well as preventing thefts which can lower home insurance rates.
  • Holiday lighting services take the hassle out of installation with professional installers using commercial-quality lights.
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